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Homestead Hall – 1920s

From 1910 to 1932, a building on what is now named Linden Lane was the center of Homestead Valley’s community activities: meetings of several organizations, political debates, movies, dances, scout meetings, etc.  In 1908, the Vallecita Ladies Outdoor Improvement Club had acquired a lot for a community center.  The Club held dances at Homestead School to raise money for their building fund.  The grand opening of Vallecita Hall occurred on April 2, 1910. Over two hundred and twenty people attended. A three-piece orchestra provided music for dancing. Refreshments were served. More Vallecita dances followed. On July 2, 1910, Les Lilas Cotillion, recently formed by young society people in Homestead Valley, gave a confetti party at Vallecita Hall. In August 1910, Vallecita Hall was the local precinct’s polling place. In September 1910, the Vallecita Club held a Door Prize Dance there.  In November 1910, the Vallecita Club held a confetti dance there. Starting in 1918, the Rev. Philip Byrne’s catechism classes were held there every Wednesday afternoon.  Vallecita Hall later became known as Scout Hall and then Homestead Hall. In 1933, Brown’s Hall on Miller Ave. became the community center.  In 1972,Brown’s Hall was sold to the Buddhists of Marin for their temple.  A home on a one-acre parcel was purchased for a new community center, conveniently located next to Homestead School.