Vignette > The Way to Muir Woods

In the 1970s there was a direction sign on inbound Miller at the 2 AM Club indicating that the way to Muir Woods was to turn left onto Montford.  Next came a direction sign on Montford indicating that a right turn onto Molino was the way to Muir Woods.  Neither direction sign is in place today. Several years ago, Mill Valley Public Works removed the direction sign at Montford and Miller and installed a sign near the Safeway indicating that the way to Muir Woods is via Tam Junction and Shoreline Highway. As for the direction sign at the corner of Montford and Molino, someone tore it down. Public Works installed a duplicate using the logic that, “as long as they’ve gotten this far, why not help them on their way so they won’t get lost.”  Someone tore down that sign. Public Works gave up. For the past 35 years, drivers sometimes fail to turn right onto Molino. Four busloads of Swedes once went all the way to the redwood forest at the end of Montford. The lead bus driver asked how to get to the other redwood forest, for the Dag Hamarskjold commemoration ceremony in Muir Woods National Park.