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The grand opening of the Miller Avenue Shopping Center on the corner of Miller and Evergreen was 9 AM Friday April 18, 1947. An experienced grocer, Louis Ferrera, was the developer. It was housed in interconnected Quonset huts, a WW II  building structure used for  military purposes and temporary housing for veterans on college campuses. The shopping center included Grocery and Vegetable departments, Gosser’s Meat Market, Doris Baby Shop, Dorothy’s Beauty Salon, and the G&G Company’s pharmacy, beauty bar, fountain, camera shop and liquor store. Frank Gelardi and Joe Gaidano were Messrs G&G.  This was one of the largest shopping centers in California at that time. Today it is Whole Foods. Long time residents refer to as “The Quonsets.”

Main Point
Whole foods is in Quonset huts which in 1947 housed the Miller Avenue Shopping Center, one of the largest in California.

The Quonsets 1955 > click to enlarge

The Quonsets 1955 > click to enlarge

Want more info?
Read the  History of Homestead Valley article “Quonsets Annexed”.

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