On June 28, 1963 a fire in the Jolly Stores building at 393 Miller Ave. completely destroyed the Jolly Market, Jolly Liquors, Jolly Coffee Shop and Marion Electric. The owner of the building announced that a supermarket would be a tenant as quickly as possible. Food King supermarket opened in 1964, and Jolly Liquors became Jolly King Liquors. In 1968, Top Hat Market formerly in the Quonsets (today, Whole Foods) replaced Food King. It didn’t last very long. In 1970 the owner of the building designed the interior of the building to resemble a port of call.  “The Port” had an eclectic assortment of about 20 tenants in a “funky” environment.  Small shops sold such items as macramé plant holders, patchouli oil, peasant blouses, roman-style sandals and jewelry.  Among the shops were Candles of Marin, Hi Ho Silver Co., Knits & Knots, Nature’s Way, Peaches & Cream, Stitch Witch and Sundance Leathers.  The Port was not perceived to be very welcoming, in part owing to the rather dark and maze-like interior. Many businesses moved out. In 1975, the interior of the building was remodeled mainly for office space. “The Port” name was dropped.  Mama’s Royal Café, a popular breakfast and lunch spot, and Jolly King Liquors survived the transition from “The Port.”