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As designed, the subdivision on 109 acres straddles Warner Creek between Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio and East Blithedale Ave. The 317 lots are typically flat, 50 ft. wide and 120 ft. to 150 ft. deep. Channelization of Warner Creek allowed more lots to be in the subdivision than would be the case if the creek bed were left in its natural condition. Several houses and garages are actually on top of the creek. Water and sewer lines were installed on meandering streets designed for horse travel. The streets would not be paved until the 1920s. Each street was lined with trees for which the street was named: Sycamore, Walnut, Catalpa, Locust, Elm and Willow. Homeowners now pay an assessment for the city’s maintenance of the trees. A new railroad stop was built at Park Ave. Millwood station was moved one block to the new Locust Ave. Lanes connected the streets to provide direct access to the stations. Sales began in the summer of 1906 after the earthquake and fire had made many San Francisco families homeless. By the end of the year half of the lots had been sold. Kids went to overcrowded Summit and Homestead schools until April 1909 when Tamalpais Park School opened.