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In 1889, ownership of Rancho Sausalito passed from the San Francisco Savings Union and to the Tamalpais Land & Water Co. (TL&C). Its first subdivision map of land became Mill Valley. Eleven streets on the map have names connected with men from the bank or TL&WC:

Pierre Cornwall was a San Francisco Union officer.

Ethel Eastland was the daughter of Joseph Eastland, TL&WC president.

Louis Janes was the secretary of TL&WC.

Eugene Janes was the brother of Louis Janes.

Lovell White was cashier of the San Francisco Savings Union.

Laura Lyon was the wife of Lovell White.

Thomas Magee was a director of TL&WC.

Olive Magee was the wife of Thomas Magee.

Albert Miller was president of the San Francisco Savings Union.

But who were Mirabel, Cornelia, Elma, Laurel and Josephine?

Seven streets are named after places:

The Island in San Francisco Bay was visible from Alcatraz.

Both Old Mill and Molino began at the Old Mill.

The nearby Blithedale hotel was established in 1875.

Corte Madera is next to Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio.

Summit and Tamalpais are associated with the mountain.

Cascade is in a canyon with cascades.

Two other streets honor previous owners of Rancho Sausalito:

William Richardson and Samuel Throckmorton.