Vignette > Schlingman Additions

J. Fred Schlingman had been initially a partner and later the sole owner of the Mill Valley Record. In 1904 he bought out the competing Enterprise, published the Record-Enterprise that later became the Mill Valley Record. In 1911 he sold the newspaper and moved to San Diego for other business opportunities.  With his departure Mill Valley lost one of its most valuable and valued citizens. He was always ready to do his part in furthering any public undertaking. Between 1905 and 1911, in addition to publishing, he was a prolific real estate developer.  His office was in a Greek-style building at 116 Throckmorton.  He bought several blocks of land located on the slope between Edgewood and Molino and subdivided them into lots for home construction. The homes are on 17 streets, viz., Florence, Marion, Ethel, Helen’s Lane, Rose, Hazel, Woodside, Birch, Molino, Miller, Edgewood, Wildomar, Lockwood Lane, Una Way, Renz, Millside Lane, and Pimlott Lane. The homes are in tracts with such names as Woodside Terrace, Millwood Heights, Mill Valley Heights, and Millside Terrace. The timing of his development efforts was fortuitous. There was a great demand for home sites in Mill Valley after the 1906 earthquake and fire.