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The Community Center at 203 Marin Ave. in Tam Valley is an excellent venue for meetings, lectures, parties, concerts, etc. It is also now home to the famous “Rhubarb Revue”, Northern California’s longest running variety show. The first performance took place in 1954 in another venue. The show often uses the talents of as many as 75 Tam Valley residents as singers, dancers, creators of parodies of film and television, political and cultural humor, and lots of mild (and not-so-mild) irreverence. Doors to the theatre usually open an hour before the show, and many folks bring a picnic dinner to enjoy prior to the curtain going up.  Beer and wine (and usually some sort of rhubarb cocktail) are available for sale, along with rhubarb crisp for dessert. In British theater a chorus or a group of actors sometimes uses the word “rhubarb” to mean a length of superfluous or irrelevant chatter. The Tam Valley production can involve as many as 21 acts.  The shows usually occur on two successive Fridays and Saturdays. Advertising points out that the Rhubarb Revue is geared towards adult audiences because some material may not be appropriate for those under 18. Tickets are sold to adults only.