William Jennings Bryan

In early presidential elections Homestead voters were more liberal than Mill Valley voters. In 1908, democrat William Jennings Bryan received 32 % of the vote in Homestead vs. 23% in Mill Valley. In 1912, Homestead voted 50% for democrat Woodrow Wilson and 13 % for Socialist candidate Eugene V. Debs.  Mill Valley voted 49% for Wilson and 1% for Debs.  In 1916, Homestead voted 60% for democrat Woodrow Wilson, vs. 43% in Mill Valley. In 1920, Homestead voted 33% for democrat James M. Cox and 12% for socialist Eugene V. Debs.  Mill Valley voted 25% for Cox and 10% for Debs. In 1924, republican Calvin Coolidge received 40% in Homestead and 55% in Mill Valley.  The winner in Homestead was progressive Robert M. La Follette with 52%. In 1928, Homestead voted 41% for democrat Al Smith.  Mill Valley voted 29% for Smith.  In 1932, Homestead voted 69% for democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt. Mill Valley voted 49% for Roosevelt. In 1936, Homestead voted 71% for Roosevelt. Mill Valley voted 61% for Roosevelt. In 1940, Mill Valley voted 56% for republican Wendell L. Willkie whereas Roosevelt received majority votes in Homestead, Almonte, Tam Valley, Alto and Muir Woods Park. In 1944, Homestead voted 56% for Roosevelt. Mill Valley voted 55% for Thomas Dewey.