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In 1899 Andrew Lind, a Swedish immigrant built a house at 25 Bigelow Ave. in Mill Valley. He met his future wife Sophie in Mill Valley. Sophie and her daughter Marie had emigrated from Denmark in 1902. Andrew worked for Dr. John Cushing at the Blithedale Hotel. In August 1903, Sophie gave birth to a daughter, Florence Lind. In 1905 William Kent purchased 611 acres of Redwood Canyon from the Tamalpais Land & Water Company. He hired Andrew Lind as “keeper.” In 1908 William Kent turned over 295 acres to president Roosevelt. Muir Woods National Monument was established and Andrew Lind became custodian. He, his wife Sophie and their daughters Marie and Florence moved to a two-story house across from the entrance to Muir Woods. When the family lived on Bigelow in Mill Valley, Marie walked to Summit School.

SummitSchool 12

Summit School

After the move to Muir Woods, she went to Summit School on horseback via Sequoia Valley Rd, Edgewood and Molino. She would unsaddle her horse when she got to the school and saddle him again for the ride back to Muir Woods. In 1910 when Florence started first grade at Summit School, the two sisters drove a horse and buggy to Hillside Dairy (later the site of the Flying Y Ranch, now the Walsh Estates). After unhitching the horse, they ran down the Dipsea Stairs to the Old Mill, across the field past the Sulphur Springs (today site of Old Mill School) and up Tamalpiais Ave. (now Summit (Ave.) to the school. After school they reversed the trip.
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Sulphur Springs, 1905