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Up on Throckmorton Ridge is Muir Woods Park, an unincorporated community in Mill Valley 94941.  It borders Mt. Tamalpais State Park, Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley and Homestead Valley. The community is famous for its excellent panoramic views of the east bay, San Francisco, Mt. Tam, Muir Woods and the ocean.  On September 7, 1935, ninety residents met at Mountain Home to form the Muir Woods Park Improvement Association. The first accomplishment was to procure a school bus. In subsequent monthly meetings they pressured the County into resurfacing some of the worst roads before the rains set in, and to install street signs. They pressured PG&E to extend the gas line.  They formed committees to plant trees to check soil erosion.  They planned various entertainment events.  They established an election precinct at the Alpine Club. By 1951 there were 190 residents in the community. They retained the San Francisco architectural firm, Anshen and Allen, to design a clubhouse that would be constructed by the volunteer labor of club members.  Today, with a new name, the Muir Woods Park Community Association (MWPCA) has a large clubhouse that is frequently rented for special events.