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In 1912 a Swiss-German couple, Claus and Martha Meyer, established an eating-place on the unpaved road to Mt Tam next to the trestle over the Muir Woods branch of the Mount Tam Railway.  At first, not much more than a lemonade and hot soup stand, it was later outfitted with a dining room where German food was served. Mountain Home Inn was a great place for weekend hikers to grab a bite, relax and enjoy the view. The train stopped there for passengers traveling to and from Muir Woods. By 1929, the railroad had been abandoned and the road had been paved.  Weekend drivers found it a pleasant place to have lunch or dinner. In 1930, Claus Meyer bought a Ford although he did not know how to drive.  He backed it off the trestle and was killed. Martha died a short time later.  Max and Katie Todd took it over and operated it until 1944, still serving German food. From 1944 to 1952, the Scottish owners offered only cold drinks and sandwiches.  During the next 24 years, owners Pat and Marion Vincent restored the German cooking and atmosphere established by the Meyers, complete with waiters in Lederhosen.

German Folk Dance – 1956