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John Finn’s estate, Wildwood, was on Miller Ave.   He owned the J.H. Finn Metal Works in San Francisco. In 1912 and again in 1915 he had his son Dick spend several months in Nevada looking after his mining interests.  Finn was not the only wealthy Mill Valley resident with mining interests. After the earthquake in 1906, J.F. Meyers, moved from San Francisco to Corte Madera Ave. In 1907 he bought Burlwood, the Eastland estate on Throckmorton Ave. Meyers had mining properties in Nevada. In 1908, William J. Gruss, proprietor of the Kenilworth Inn, spent many weeks looking after his mining interests in Nevada. Between 1914 and 1918, Herbert H. Lang who lived on Cascade Drive spent time looking after his extensive mining interests in Nevada, Oregon, Montana and British Columbia.  By 1916, his Nevada properties were producing copper and silver. In 1917 and again in 1918, Frank Blair Turpin, previously mayor of Mill Valley, spent several months in Mazatlan, Mexico where he had extensive mining interests.  In 1913, Mrs. F. E. Lockwood, wife of the pharmacist, came into possession of mining property in Placer County. There were other Mill Valley residents with mining interests.