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In 1910, A.D. Avery, civil engineer with the Tamalpais Land Water Co., issued map No. 9 depicting all properties, streets and lanes in what are now the city of Mill Valley, Almonte and Homestead Valley. With a few exceptions, the streets were laid out so as not to be too steep for horse drawn vehicles. Today, certain sections of a few streets that have never been developed are identified in recent maps as trails.  There are four long trails in Cascade Canyon.  On the 1910 map, Cypress Ave. begins at Edgewood Ave. and ends at Monte Vista Ave. Today, west of the house at # 267 it becomes Cypress Trail that wanders through a redwood forest while descending into Cascade Canyon.  On Monte Vista Ave. the trail begins at #430 and descends to Cascade Dr. The same is true for Tamalpais Ave. on the middle ridge where the trail starts at # 535 and descends to Evelyn Ave. in Cascade Canyon. A parallel trail starts at #110 Myrtle Ave. and descends to Evelyn Ave. All these trails are shown on the Mill Valley Guide to Steps, Lanes and Paths. These trails can serve as emergency escape routes.