Vignette > Mill Valley in 1908

Bungalows 1902 – click to enlarge

In 1908, the San Francisco Call paid tribute to Mill Valley.

“Noted for its pretty bungalows and its beautiful redwood trees which have been preserved to this day with jealous pride. Mill Valley, situated at the base of famous Mount Tamalpais, is truly one of nature’s garden spots. The broad and winding streets of the little town, skirted on each side by the stately redwoods, with here and there rustic bridges spanning clear mountain streams, lend a picturesqueness to the place which is not surpassed in any part of the country. Civic pride and love of home life is stamped indelibly on the town and the prosperity and progress which its citizens enjoy is emphasized on every hand. The purity of its water, air and sanitation is reflected in the moral character of the Mill Valleyans. To become convinced that they are a healthy and happy people, one has but to see them. An electric lighting system and a splendid sewer system have been installed in recent years and in every phase of the city there is quality and class.”