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In 1988, an article in the Independent Journal reported, “She’s the Mayor of Montford Avenue” referring to Mary Greyerbiehl.  Mary was born in 1921 and grew up near Montford.  Her father, Giacomo Galeotti and his brother-in-law, Pasquale Pieri raised vegetables on La Goma along the creek.  Mary’s father died when she was 4 years old.   When he was delivering vegetables on the mountain, the brakes on his model T Ford failed and the car backed over him.  Mary’s mother was left with five kids aged 2 to 12.  They lived on $75 per month welfare from the state. Mary’s father’s life insurance policy had paid off the mortgage on the house. In 1937, during her junior year at Tam High, Mary hiked from Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge on Pedestrian Day.  She repeated the fete in 1987 at the 50th anniversary celebration.

In 1940, Wilbur “Bill” Greyerbiehl and his brother Breslin “Bres” bought the 2 AM Club on the corner of Montford and Miller. In 1946, Mary married Bill Greyerbiehl. Although a teetotaler, she tended bar on Sundays when Bill and Bres played baseball where the Safeway is today.  Bill Greyerbiehl sold the 2 AM Club in1979.