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In January 1926, Mill Valley residents played a predominate role in the formation of a countywide development organization named Marvelous Marin.  On its executive committee from Mill Valley were Mayor O. C. Cappelmann, Walter H. Robinson, Charles A. Squire and Frank Sturken, the latter acting as secretary of the organization and the other three as vice-presidents. Membership dues were $1.OO per year.  The goal was to enroll 5000 members by February 1 and enlist commercial businesses with dues of $10.00 per year. The organization aimed to promote the Interests of Marin County by increasing the strength of the organization, and winning the backing of everyone in the county. Marvelous Marin would promote better advertising of the advantages of Marin County as a place in which to vacation, to tour, to live, to enjoy life. Marvelous Marin realized that customers were just twenty minutes away. “All we have to do to get their money and their patronage is to tell them the truth about our climate, our scenery, our advantages, in an honest straightforward manner.” In December 1927, articles of Incorporation were filed with the county clerk, the organization henceforth known as MARVELOUS MARIN INC. 

Marvelous Marin

Live where you play In Marvelous Marin.
Forget the city din, and while away, a perfect day In Marvelous Marin. 
You’ll find good sport of every sort, and thus good health you’ll win.
Grow very strong, live very long in Marvelous Marin.
Well rested nerves bring graceful curves where angles once have been.
For there’s a wealth of glowing health in Marvelous Marin. 
Our girls and boys just thrill with joys and all have peachy skin.
So get the mood, and bring your brood To Marvelous Marin. 
From Black Point ridge, we’ll build a bridge.
For scenic Auto-spin cross Golden Gate, at airplane rate To Marvelous Marin.
Live where you play on holiday and with your kith and kin.
You’ll miss dull care. Live anywhere In Marvelous Marin.

By James J. McNamee In shady nook, by babbling brook.