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Emporium Delivery Wagon – Ad on upper left [click to enlarge]

In 1910, lots in Marin View Acres were offered for sale. The subdivision was located on land west of Sequoia Valley Road that had been part of Ranch 5 of Rancho Sausalito. An advertisement stated,  “45 minutes’ walk from Mill Valley station.   45 minutes’ ride from the city; round trip tickets 10 cents.  You can reside on a Suburban Home Farm and go to your business each day in the city. Soil:  Deep and rich, of such fertile quality will grow anything, combination of soil and climate make it ideal for fruit, vegetables, berries and chickens.  Large Profits in Eucalyptus Trees: We will plant Eucalyptus trees for our buyers and guarantee them to grow for $30 per thousand or we will sell the trees for $10 per thousand and you can plant them yourself.”  Nothing came of this development. Part of the land subsequently became the Lateija family’s Hillside Dairy. Milk was delivered in glass bottles to Mill Valley homes.  The dairy later became the 4H Horse Ranch, then the Flying Y Horse Ranch.  A second attempt at subdivision development was successful in the late 1980s. The Flying Y Horse Ranch was replaced by 9 large homes on Walsh Drive, on the Dipsea Trail right-of-way.

Walsh Estates Map [click to enlarge]