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In May 1911, the California State militia established the Manzanita Rifle Range about a mile from Manzanita in Coyote Canyon west of Maple St. off Shoreline Highway.  The property is now the site of Eastwood Park and a residential subdivision. In August 1911, Company K of the Fifth infantry tested the shooting there and pronounced it excellent. In early September 1911, troops mobilized there for two days of war maneuvers. Later in the month, California National Guard troops mobilized there for an encampment and sham battle. In January 1912, the range was enlarged to permit handling larger bodies of troops in maneuvers. In April 1912, a field wagon train, composed of sixteen transport wagons, came by ferry to Sausalito and established a camp and headquarters at Manzanita Rifle Range.  In those days, San Francisco High Schools taught military science. On Saturdays and holidays the cadets were taken to the Manzanita Rifle Range for practice with United States Army Springfield rifles. In 1927, the following ad appeared in the Mill Valley Record: NOW ON SALE A NEW AND VERY ATTRACTIVE SUBDIVISION ON THE OLD RIFLE RANGE IN TAMALPAIS VALLEY.