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A hundred years ago there were four lumber yards along Miller. Now there are none.  But Mill Valley Lumber Co. stayed in business until 2011. It was located on the creek at Millwood St. between what are now the inbound and outbound lanes of Miller Ave. In about 1891, Robert Dollar had established the Dollar Lumber Co. at this location.  Yes, the famous lumber baron, shipping magnate and philanthropist, Robert Dollar (1844 – 1932) who became one of Marin’s wealthiest citizens. His San Rafael mansion, Falkirk, still stands as a Marin treasure. In 1898, Robert Dollar sold the lumber yard.. By 1905, ownership had passed to The Doherty Company. In 1910, Nicholas Yost and Carl Christley bought the lumber yard and named it “The Mill Valley Lumber Co.”  At one time or another until 1910, The Doherty Company had owned all four of the lumber yards along Miller as well as a large lumber yard in  Larkspur.  In 1910, The Doherty Co. established its main office at its large Homestead Valley lumber yard where Whole Foods is today. Railroad spurs went into both the Millwood and Homestead lumber yards.  One of the smaller lumber yards was located near the Locust Station, the other at Forest  St.

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