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Homestead Blvd. at the former County Road

On Tamalpais Land & Water Co. maps of Almonte (1902) and Homestead Valley (1903), Homestead Blvd. is shown connecting the County Road in Almonte with Throckmorton Ridge. Dairies as far away as Muir Woods had used and continued to use the old ranch road to deliver milk to the Manzanita railroad depot for shipment to San Francisco. Today, Homestead Blvd. begins at Almonte Blvd. behind Tam High. It is paved for about a half a mile through a populated area. It then becomes a hiking trail in Homestead Valley’s open space land.  But it then becomes impassable, completely overgrown with coyote bush and broom. The Dias Ranch had been on one side of it. On the other side were five large undeveloped lots. Grazing cattle kept the entire area clear of brush. In 1974, that section of Homestead Blvd. was designated as the border between the Golden Gate National Recreation Area which had purchased the Dias Ranch, and the undeveloped lots that were purchased with funds from a Homestead Valley community bond issue for open space land.  Today, the entire area is overgrown with brush. The final stretch of Homestead Blvd. is now named Amaranth Blvd. in the twelve residence Amaranth development.