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Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lundquist were born in Sweden and emigrated in the 1880s. The family with four children lived in Alameda and frequently camped in Mill Valley—hiking in from the Alto station.

Alfred was a cartographer for insurance companies. In 1902, he bought several lots between Cascade and Marion where the family camped. In 1904, a cottage was built at 16 Marion for a permanent residence.  In 1906 just before the earthquake their house at 209 Cascade was built. They had horses and a cow. Hay and grain were stored in the loft of their barn located at the end of Renz Road. All these buildings are up high on the south side of Cascade Canyon. In 1919, the Lundquists’ daughter, Karin, was married in the redwood grove above the house. The couple moved into the cottage.  Karin Lundquist Connelly lived in the main house until 1984 when she moved to the Redwoods Retirement Community. The house was remodeled in 1933 and again extensively in 1986. The property at 209 Cascade, commonly known as “Hilltop”, consists of 41,300 square feet. The house has 5,750 square feet of living area. Carol Connelly Budds, daughter of Karin Lundquist Connelly was an active member of the Mill Valley Historical Society for many years, She edited fourteen History Walk guidebooks between 1990 and 2004.

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