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The Mountain Home Inn, with Mt. Tamalpais in the background, Mill Valley, 1935 [postcard negative]

This is from a1954 article on WHERE TO DINE IN MARVELOUS MARIN.  “Since 1912, German Luncheons and Dinners in Alpine surroundings.  The luncheon menu offers Kalter Aufschnitt, Bratwurst & red cabbage, Frankfurters & Sauerkraut, and German meatballs.   The dinner menu has Sauerbraten, Goulash, Wiener Schnitzel, Bratwurst, and Pork Loin Roast. This is the oldest restaurant in Marin. In a corner of the hand hewn bar is a Holding’s New Perfection ice chest, and in the dining room is a Daisy stove, pot bellied, and iron. These have been in place since 1912, when the Inn was first opened. The red vest and suede shorts of Germany serve German meals and drink. Tables with red and white checked tablecloths are surrounded by ancient guns, helmets, steins, posters, and the curios of the German bistro.  Just outside the stained glass door, there is a beer garden. Iron hinged gates open to the series of tables beneath a vine-covered trellis. Here you may drink fine imported beers and wines, and perhaps sup on pigs knuckles and rye bread.”  In the early years, customers were hikers on Mt. Tamalpais. There were no paved roads in the area.