Vignette > First 4th of July Parade

67 Buena Vista in 1906

Never had Independence Day been more fittingly celebrated in Mill Valley than in 1908. Five thousand people were on the streets at 10 a.m. when the parade was formed at Gardner and Blithedale near the Outdoor Art Club. First came the Grand Marshall and other dignitaries on horseback. Next 13 beautiful young ladies representing the thirteen original states surrounded a float with the Goddess of Liberty. Then more floats representing such organizations as the Mill Valley Equal Suffrage Club. There were lady equestrians, thirty beautifully decorated carriages containing ladies and gentlemen in fancy costumes, decorated automobiles and finally, more carriages. The route was out Buena Vista to Hill, down Hill to Blithedale, then to Throckmorton through the business section to the Sulphur Spring block, Old Mill, Lovell, Elna and finally Throckmorton to the Old Mill Reservation. At the Old Mill grand stand there were prizes for the best entries, speeches, and patriotic songs.  After a basket luncheon there were games with fun for all, and a band concert. A grand ball in the evening at the Outdoor Art Club was a glorious finale.

Business Section in 1905