VIGNETTE > Famous Tam High Alumni

Many Tam High alumni became famous as entertainers, musicians, athletes, journalists, scientists and artists.  Ten examples.

William L. Patterson: 1911 — Attorney, close friend of Paul Robeson, an outstanding leader in campaigns to save victims of racial oppression.

Eve Arden: 1926 — Film, stage, and television actress, performed in leading and supporting roles over nearly six decades.

George C. Cory, Jr.: 1937 — Composer of the music for “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” first performed by Tony Bennett in 1962.

Pat Paulsen: 1945 — Comedian, satirist, campaigned for president of the US in 1968, 1972, 1980, 1988, 1992, and 1996.

John Cipollina: 1964 — Founder and lead guitarist of Quick Silver Messenger Service.

Joe Breeze: 1972 — Mountain bike developer.  Breezer #1 is in the Smithonian National Museum of American History.

Kathleen Quinlan: 1972 — Film and television actress, best supporting actress academy award nominee for her role in “Apollo 13.”

Peter Shor: 1977 — MIT professor of applied mathematics known for his work on quantum computation, and devising “Shor’s Algorithm.”

Ann Killion: 1979 — Award-winning sports columnist, now with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Tupac Shakur: 1989 — Rapper, record producer, actor, activist and poet with over 75 million records sold worldwide.