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Summit School – 1892 (note the outhouse)

Summit School – 1892 (note the outhouse)

By 1907 it was obvious that because of increased migration from San Francisco, a consequence of the earthquake, the elementary school, later known as Summit School, would run out of space for pupils.  A second school was required.  In January 1908 a one room school in Homestead Valley opened with 50 children in grades 1 to 4.   In 1909 Tamalpais Park School opened. In 1920, Homestead School was replaced with a larger school across the street. In 1921, Old Mill School opened.   Throughout its history the school district  has added, expanded or closed schools as the number of pupils increased and decreased.

Main Points
One consequence of the earthquake was that Summit School did not have space for the increasing number of pupils. More schools were built: Homestead (1908), Tamalpais Park (1909) and Old Mill (1921).

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