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Soon after incorporation in 1900, Mill Valley began maintaining a small public reading room. The location shifted among downtown buildings. After the Outdoor Art Club was completed in 1904, part of it was used as a town library. Andrew Carnegie funded about 3000 libraries in 47 states. His method was to build and equip libraries, but only on condition that the local authority provide the land and budget for operation and maintenance. In 1908 voters approved a bond issue to purchase a permanent library site at 52 Lovell. The library was moved to temporary quarters above the new firehouse at the Town Hall. In 1909, property taxes were increased to guarantee $2000 per year to operate the library as required by the Carnegie Foundation. Mill Valley’s Carnegie Library opened on July 22, 1911. Miss Lillian Gardner, daughter of prominent citizen Jacob Gardner was appointed librarian. In 1966, a replacement library was built at 375 Throckmorton Ave.