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The October 20, 1911 Mill Valley Record reported that the Marin Heights Subdivision A Map was approved on October 17, 1911.

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“AN HISTORIC LANDMARK IS BEING IMPROVED FOR HABITATION. The old and well-known Spring Gate Ranch has at last succumbed to subdivision into town lots. A corps of engineers and surveyors have been engaged for the past five months in subdividing this property for the Northwestern Realty Company, of San Francisco, laying out the streets and staking the lots, and have just completed and filed a complete map of the first subdivision. The place has been named Marin Heights and commuters have been for weeks watching the laying out of roads, rebuilding of bungalows, construction of rough stone column entrances, developing of water supply, and the many things necessary to placing a modern subdivision on the market. The Railway Company is to build a station just at the entrance to the property.  Its close proximity to San Francisco, and its cheap transportation rate, $1.00 per month commutation ticket, will make Marin Heights a place to conjure with.” Later subdivisions enlarged Marin Heights to its border with Tamalpais Valley and the watershed of Homestead Valley. It is now part of the unincorporated community of Almonte.