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1902 TL&WC Map No.6

Almonte is an unincorporated community of about 650 residences mostly located on the hill between Tam High and Tam Valley. The 1902 Tamalpais Land & Water Co. Map No. 6, “Lands Adjacent to Homestead Valley”, identifies 33 multi-acre blocks of land. Those in the Reed Creek watershed are now in Homestead Valley.  The others are in Almonte. In addition to locating and naming existing ranch roads (Homestead Blvd., Reed St., and La Verne Ave.), Map No. 6 identifies a new street, Morning Sun Ave., and 12 lanes. It also shows the North Coast Railway and Mill Valley Junction. In 1911, a few blocks of land became a housing subdivision called Marin Heights A. In 1912, residents of Marin Heights organized an Improvement Association. The president announced that the railroad station at Mill Valley Junction would be moved 500 feet south.  Its name would be changed to that “pretty Spanish name” Almonte.  All blocks of land were eventually subdivided, and the name Almonte replaced Marin Heights. The primary entrance to Almonte is Rosemont Ave. Until time took its toll several years ago, two enormous urns from the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition straddled Rosemont Ave. at Almonte Blvd.