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Tree Haven

Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson frequently hosted dinner parties at their home, on Molino.

Dinner for five guests on a Saturday in 1894:

Oxtail Soup, Sweetbreads, Saddle of Mutton, Peas, New Potatoes, Hot Asparagus with Mayonnaise sauce, Pudding with Strawberry sauce, Orange Sherbet, White Wine, Red Wine, Roquefort and Brie Cheeses, Coffee.

Dinner for five guests in July 1895:

Kitchen Bouquet Soup, Halibut, Boiled potatoes with Parsley Sauce, Sweetbreads, Stuffed Tomatoes, Saddle Mutton, Chopped Corn seasoned with Green Peppers, Peaches and Cream, Cake, Coffee, Cheese and Crackers.

Dinner for a Grandmother in September 1895:

Onion Soup, Scalloped Oysters Served in Shells, Deviled Eggs, Butter Sauce, Lima Beans, Corn Succotash, Boiled Peach Pudding with Wine Sauce.

Dinner for their six children plus two guests in November 1895:

Green Pea Soup, Turkey with Cranberry Sauce, Baked Hubbard Squash, Lima Beans, Boiled Potatoes with Buttered Parsley, Boiled Apple Pudding, Jelly Whipped Cream Cake, Coffee.

Dinner for three neighbors on Washington’s Birthday in 1896:

Light Beef Soup and Egg Balls, Sweetbreads Sauté with Wine Sauce, Saddle Mutton, Roast Potatoes, Corn Fritters, Purée Peas, Artichokes with Mayonnaise, Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce, Cornstarch Cake with Pineapple Cheese.