Vignette 296 > Hikers Retreat

Hikers Standing in Front of Hikers Retreat

In 1913, Hikers Retreat on the corner of Throckmorton and Madrona was headquarters for the Dipsea Race. In 1916, Mr. W. H. Odlin took charge of the run down Hikers Retreat. He made several repairs and numerous improvements such as a hot shower and toilet facilities for hikers from the city that would change their clothes there.  It also sold refreshments. In 1918, Hikers Retreat moved to the Washington Building, opposite the Hub Theatre, where it gave hikers the very best facilities they may desire for bath and rest privileges. Modern in every respect and roomy, it was a decided improvement over the old place. In April 1922, tragedy struck in the form of an automobile accident. W. H. Odlin, proprietor of Hikers’ Retreat, and John Todd were killed, Mrs. Odlin was seriously injured, and her daughter Daisy had a narrow escape. Shortly after 8 o’clock in the morning Mr. Odlin was driving a new Buick down Corte Madera Avenue.  He evidently turned too rapidly on the bridge that leads to Bigelow Avenue.  The car broke through the wood railing and overturned completely, dropping across the creek bed about 15 feet below the bridge.