Vignette 291 > Roads to Bolinas

In the early years, there were no roads in Marin connecting the communities on the ocean with those on the bay. The first road was built in 1870. It followed a route roughly the same as today’s Highway 1 through Tam Valley to the thriving village of Bolinas. The 12-mile long dirt road was built in just a few weeks by a crew of 15 white and 100 Chinese workers. The fare from Sausalito to Bolinas in a four-horse drawn carriage with 10 seats cost $1. When a high tide made the road around Bolinas Lagoon impassible, passengers would cross the lagoon in a launch. In October 1907, the Mill Valley Record reported that the road was almost impassable. It was decided that there would be no stage service except one round trip on Saturdays. It was hoped that normal stage service could be resumed in the summer or even before that if the County Supervisors would authorize its repair. The article concluded, “This drive ranks as one of the most beautiful in the county. A bond issue would put it into proper shape.”  But at that time in 1907 there was another road to Bolinas.  In 1878, a 16-mile dirt road had been built from Fairfax to Bolinas,