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Jean Bedecarrax

Jean Bedecarrax, a French Basque, was born in 1879. At age 18 he immigrated to San Rafael and later married Josephine Romas, also a French Basque.  In 1904 when Jean was 25 years old he came to Mill Valley and opened a laundry on Throckmorton. He moved the business to Miller Ave, and again in 1908 to what is now Scout Hall on East Blithedale. The business went by different names over time, sometimes incorporating the word “French.”   During the short tenure at the Scout Hall location, one of the names was Marin Laundry. He later found a permanent location at East Blithedale and Hill St. His ads claimed: ”BEAUTIFUL—That is what you will say of the Jean Bedecarrax Hand Laundry work. Each piece of laundry work entrusted to us receives the same careful attention you would give it yourself, with the added service we can give due to our equipment and experience. Phone 450 and we will call for and deliver your work.” In 1939, Jean Bedecarrax retired, and sold the business. He died in 1943. In the early days life he had served as Mill Valley’s fire chief.