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Shamrock Motors in 1967

In 1958, Jerry Hannan established Shamrock Motors on the corner of Miller and La Goma. The dealership imported automobiles manufactured in France.  He established a similar dealership at 615 Francisco Blvd. in San Rafael. Jerry was the San Rafael manager.  His brother Richard was the Mill Valley manager. They sold and serviced Peugeot and Renault  automobiles.  In  1959, Citroëns replaced Renaults. In 1961, the Mill Valley showroom held a special public celebration of the 50th consecutive year of Citroën automobile production. A Citroën factory representative from France answered questions. It was the first time since the introduction of the all-new Citroën that Shamrock was able to offer a fully equipped four-door sedan. The Citroën would often attract attention owing to its unique pneumatic suspension system. When parked, the Citroën was low to the ground. It was easy to get into it. When the engine was started the car would rise up. The system provided a smooth ride on rough roads. In stop and go traffic, other drivers were amazed to see it go up and down.  Shamrock Motors continued to sell and service Citroën and Peugeot automobiles until 1993.