Vignette 282 > School District Growth

The 1950s saw considerable growth in the population of Mill Valley 94941.  The baby boom “shock wave” that began in 1946 played a major role.  The number of school children increased dramatically.  During the 1950s, the Mill Valley School District built four new schools: Strawberry Point School, Tamalpais Valley School, Marin Terrace School and Edna Maguire School. There were also classroom additions at other schools.  By 1960, the growing school population had rapidly eaten up the new space. The student population almost doubled, from 1,670 in 1950 to 3,150 in 1960. During the 10-year period between 1950 and 1960, the Mill Valley School District had put several bond issue and tax rate elections before the voters. In March 1952, a special election to increase the district tax rate passed by an easy majority.  In March 1953, a $600,000 bond issue passed by a 3-1 vote. Beginning in 1957, however, bond issues for classroom expansion did not fare as well. Voters turned down four bond issues despite ongoing class size increases. On the positive side, participation by citizens in school activities increased with frequent meetings on various aspects of the school system such as curriculum.