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Dogs without Licenses

In 1916, town authorities decided to enforce the dog licensing law to rid the town of stray canines. The Mill Valley Record described the action.

July 1, 1916.   Dog licenses for the year 1916-17 are now due and payable. Licenses are for sale at the Marshal’s office at the Town Hall. Better to pay $2 now than $4.50 after an argument with the Pound Man.

July 8, 1916.  How’s Your Dog? Got a license for your dog yet? Better hurry up, for the Pound Man starts in to gather up those that are without tags on Monday. San Francisco licenses or licenses from other points are not good in Mill Valley. You must have a Marin county license. After the Pound Man has your pet, don’t try to tell him a funny or “phony” story, for he hears all sorts of excuses and he is only doing his duty.

July 22, 1916   Pound Man Busy! Next week Mr. Sullivan expects to take out an assistant and make a clean sweep of the Valley and rid it of all dogs—pets or otherwise—that do not wear this year’s license.