Vignette 273 > Montford Eucalyptus Trees

Eucs Above Playhouse, 1910

The photo was taken in 1910 from Reed Creek looking up toward the 400 block of Montford.  The land is part of the eight-acre Alexander Eells farm between Montford and LaVerne.  Some of the eucalyptus trees on Montford have survived to this day.  Here is what Mr. Eells wrote in his diary at home in San Francisco on Monday Jan. 1st, 1906: “Went to our Millwood place on 11 o’clock train Saturday.  Spent all Sunday in setting out the Eucalyptus trees I had taken over the week before.  Set them out all along Montford Ave. and also along La Verne Ave. above our building site.  Hope they will form a hedge or screen.  I had about 60 small Eucalyptus trees which just about finished the belt along Montford Ave. with a clump at a slide.”  Here is what he wrote in his diary at his Homestead Valley home on Saturday February 10th, 1910:  “We have had a little playhouse built just at the far end of the bridge.  Carrie and the children spend a good deal of their time there because it is so much warmer than in the large house.”