Vignette 270 > Mosher’s

In 1975 Carl Mosher sold his thriving shoe store on Lytton Square after almost 30 years in business during which he had seen many changes in Mill Valley. In his oral history, he recalled an event that occurred in about 1969. “I had a call in the middle of the afternoon from a young man. He said he wanted to be downtown around five-thirty; and asked when we closed. I said around five-thirty and he said, ‘Well, we’ll try to be there by five-thirty. But if not, would you wait for us?’ I demurred a little bit, but he said, ‘It’s worth your while.’ So I waited and a little after five-thirty an enormous limousine pulled up. It was full of people, about seven I think. They got out and rapped on the door. One of them said, ‘I’m the guy who called you.’ With him was a whole rock band that was trying to be inconspicuous by coming at closing time. They lived up in the hills somewhere. I must have sold them four or five hundred dollars worth of merchandise in the next hour or two. They were typical of the high roller types that have infested the area during the last decade.“