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The United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNICO), a convention of delegates from 50 nations took place from April 25 to June 26, 1945.  President Roosevelt had died just before the conference on April 12. The war in Europe ended during the conference on May 8.  The war in the Pacific would not end until August15.  The conference was held in San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House. The Charter was signed on June 26 at the Civic Center’s Herbst Theatre. A square adjacent to the Civic Center called “UN Plaza” commemorates the conference. Mill Valley and other nearby cities were asked to assist in entertaining and housing the 850 delegates, 2650 staffers and 2500 journalists. An observation post was maintained atop Mt. Tamalpais as a precaution to guard the delegates. Fifteen radar stations were established in the bay area, and hundreds of military and municipal policemen, armed with machine guns, anti-aircraft guns and other weapons formed a ring of steel around the city throughout the conference. On May 19, members of the conference unveiled a plaque in Muir Woods to honor the memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, chief architect of the United Nations and apostle of lasting peace for all mankind.