Vignette 258 > Bowling Alley

Ten-pin bowling pins

In August 1908 Sam Black completed the construction of an 80-foot tenpin bowling alley made of hard maple in his establishment on Miller Avenue across from the railroad depot.  Tuesday and Friday afternoons were reserved for the exclusive use of ladies and their escorts. No men were allowed in the place unless accompanied by a lady.  In early September, members of the bowling club of Larkspur showed their superiority over their Mill Valley contestants on a Sunday evening at Mill Valley. They won the deciding game of the tournament. A few days later, at a the meeting of the Town Trustees, Sam Black was roundly criticized by several in the audience on the ground that he kept his place open after eleven o’clock when the noise from his alleys disturbed residents on the hill back of his place. The board warned Black that his place must close promptly at 11 o’clock. Three months later Black sold the bowling alley. The new owner made several improvements to bring the place up to date. He continued to offer ladies only bowling every Wednesday between 1 and 6 o’clock. This practice continued to remain in place throughout 1909.