Vignette 257 > Thievery in 1925

This story comes form the January 17, 1925 issue of the Mill Valley Record. NEIGHBOR PROVES TO BE THIEF John Murray is arrested after systematic pilfering in Camp Tamalpais. Camp Tamalpais is known as a romantic spot among the redwoods where residents of San Francisco have built summer and weekend cottages.  A number of professional men and women are among those who have established their country residences there.  Mysterious thefts took place in several residences.  Suitcases disappeared along with clothing, silver, electrical plates, toasters, waffle irons, etc.   Murray was one of the neighbors and accordingly trusted.   He once walked into a nearby home carrying two heavy suitcases, and asked if he might use the telephone to order a taxi. He got away with his booty, unsuspected. Appreciable losses in the camp had begun about Thanksgiving and took place about twice a week. A police officer was finally detailed to watch the place day and night.   On Jan. 9, the officer noted a suitcase on the porch of one of the cottages.  He saw Murray come out of the opposite cottage with a load of loot. That ended the thievery.