Vignette 251 > Annexation Of Homestead Valley

A strip of land along Miller Ave. was originally was part of Homestead Valley. In1951, the city of Mill Valley annexed a section of it from the 2 AM Club to Reed St. The city wanted the tax revenue from the new shopping center at Evergreen (now Whole Foods). In the 1990’s, the city of Mill Valley annexed the rest of Homestead’s frontage on Miller Ave. where there are businesses and planned housing developments. The first of many proposals to annex all of Homestead Valley occurred in 1908.  An editorial stated, “Homestead Valley is one of the most marvelously beautiful spots in all this world, as is said over and over again.  Homestead also possesses some of the most worthy and delightful of people among its residents.  This unorganized little hamlet is suffering for want of organization. A number of unpleasant problems would be disposed of if Homestead were to incorporate with Mill Valley.”  Homestead rejected this proposal and other annexation proposals made in 1925, 1946, 1950 and 1966.  By a quirk of fate, Homestead unknowingly annexed part of the city of Mill Valley when in 1988, the Homestead Valley Land Trust acquired ownership of 50 streets in the city of Mill Valley.