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Site of the 1969 slide today

On February 11, 1969, a slide occurred on the corner of Miller Ave. and Reed St. 16,000 cubic yards of dirt and rock tumbled down the hill.  Uprooted trees and rocks crashed onto Miller Ave.  A home on the crest of the hill on East La Verne Ave. was torn in half. The property was in Homestead Valley, not in the city. The owner of the property lived in Grenada, Spain. The width of the slide and the mess on the street and sidewalk continued to grow. A year went by and nothing had been done about it. The Mill Valley Record called it a disgrace: ”Pedestrians foolish enough to walk near the slide on the south side of Miller are taking extreme risks.  If the slide was to suddenly lurch, many large rocks and trees could come crashing down the steep hill, seriously injuring or even burying alive an unfortunate stroller.  All vehicular traffic leaving Mill Valley is now forced to go around the slide by making an awkward and terribly dangerous detour into one lane normally reserved for motorists entering the city.” Appeals for help from agencies in Sacramento and Washington got nowhere.