The Bolinas-Fairfax Road: 139 years of History with Brian K. Crawford

Watch Brian Crawford’s enlightening talk on the long history of the Bolinas-Fairfax Road. Learn about the fascinating history of one of Marin’s earliest roads, built in 1878 to provide Marin with a crucial transportation link across the county. Intimately tied to the history of Marin County and its water wars, the road was rerouted many times as dams and reservoirs were built. It was also the scene of runaway stagecoaches, landslides, fires, earthquakes, encounters with wildlife and one bizarre holdup. Brian’s illustrated talk features photographs and maps, including materials from the California Room’s Unrecorded Marin County Map Collection.
BRIAN K. CRAWFORD is an author, historian, and
open-space activist living in Marin County. Born in
Ohio in 1947, Crawford attended Ohio State and Antioch
College but dropped out and went to Haight-Ashbury
for the Summer of Love. Crawford has published three
novels, three collections of short stories, three memoirs
of his adventures, and four books on Marin history.