New 2013 MVHS Board

New 2013 MVHS Board

One hundred and thirty three members and guests enjoyed a pleasant social time, partook of excellent food, elected new directors and officers, took a Mill Valley history quiz, and listened to Dick Spotswood’s presentation, “Trains in and around Mill Valley.”

President Tim Amyx honored three departing board directors: Vivian Broadway-Firmage, Donna Carrillo, and Peter Richmond.

Four new board directors were elected: Monica Miller, Bill Stock, Jill Benton-Tardy and Pam Keon. See the Fall Newsletter for their bios.

Officers were also elected:

  • President – Stella Perone
  • Vice President – Betty Goerke
  • Secretary – Cullyn Vaeth Russell
  • Treasurer – Bob McCully

To honor his four years service as president, Tim Amyx was presented with a Tom Killion print of the Dipsea Trail (Tim has run it every year since 1989).

The fun part came when Tim Amyx produced a quiz: fourteen multiple choice questions about the history of Mill Valley. Lots of laughs and some surprises when Tim showed the answers.

Dick Spotswood covered the history of the two railroads that terminated at the downtown depot:

  • the train to Sausalito (1889 — 1940)
  • the train to Mt. Tam and Muir Woods (1896 — 1930)

An enjoyable evening.