Adventures of Two Coast Miwok Children By Betty Goerke


A Coast Miwok Story
A great gift for school aged children!

Adventures of Two Coast Miwok Children

By Betty Goerke

Illustrations by Edward Willie

Foreword by Eric Macris

Published by the Mill Valley Historical Society

Marin County’s Coast Miwok legacy comes vividly to life in Betty Goerke’s new historical fiction for grade school children aged eight through twelve. The story explores the daily lives of a real boy and girl who lived in neighboring villages on San Francisco Bay in the late 1700s.

“Each of the book’s 18 chapters is as skillfully woven as a beautiful Miwok basket.”
Marilyn Wronsky, Children’s Librarian

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The library is located at: 375 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941.

116 pages with 18 illustrations

6 x 9 in. trade paperback

ISBN 978-1-7354629-1-2

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