Oral Histories

You don't have to be famous to be a part of history

The Mill Valley Oral History Committee has been documenting the memories of Mill Valley residents since the early 1970’s. Over one hundred oral histories are available at the Mill Valley Public Library. You may check out the transcripts of the interviews and listen to the tapes in the Lucretia Hanson Little History Room.

If you would like to be interviewed for an oral history, or would like to help us collect them, please e-mail the Mill Valley Library History Room librarian Cate Mayfield.

Below is a list of the people who have contributed their thoughts and memories to help document our town’s past. Click on an underlined name to view an excerpt of that person’s oral history or to see all our online excerpts, visit our Oral Histories Narratives page.   “You don’t have to be famous to be a part of history”Marge Edward,  President, Dundee Township Historical Society.

Abrams, Rita Kappelman, Rae Buttner
Allen, Ida Karla, Constance
Anderson, Ellis Kearney, Nello (Mrs. Philip)
Andre, Marion Klyce Keiler, Jean Ward
Angel, Jane Merriman Kellers, Elsie
Bagshaw, Albert Kliewe, Melanie
Bagshaw, Thomas Frederick LaPlant, Helen Eloesser
Baldwin, Florence Lind Larkins, Shirley Dias
Balmer, Bert Lescohier, Ruth
Barber, Roger Losh, William J.
Barkan, Fritz Maguire, S. Edna
Barnard, Jean Mancha, Mildred Folker
Behrens, Edna Marcus, William
Bickerstaff, Thomas A. Marsh, George R.
Bingham, Chrysta Martin, Frederick LeRoy
Bjornstrom, Cora Burt Martin, Wheeler
Bostwick, Helen McDonald, Archie
Boussy, Henri McLellan, Keith
Bowie, Ruth White McVae, Jeanne Marchisio
Brabo, Tony and Mary
Brainerd, Lawson Menzies, Colin Jr.
Brindley, Jeanne Meyer, Hertha
Brindley, Peter Mielenz, Elizabeth Muller
Budds, Carol Mills, Edward
Bullard, Esther Mills, Katherine
Burnham, Louise Scheffauer Mosher, Carl
Burt, Cora++ Nunez, George
Burt, Elinor Oman, Don
Byrne, Clarissa Ortman, Norman C. (Bud)
Canepa, Frank O’Shaughnessy, Elizabeth
Cavalli, Alice Park, Helen Van Cleave
Chestnut, Helen Patterson, James Crosbie
Clinton, Helen Pimlott, George
Close, William Henry (Harry) Pooley, Edith M
Clouette, Harry Postel, Lloyd
Coan, Delphia Provines, William
Coffin, Irene Purser, Inez Sollem Mills
Collins, Daniel A. Reichmuth, Edward
Connally, Nelda Resek, Bella
Connally, Paul Robinson, S.O.L.
Connelly, Karin Lundquist Roseveaare, Lillian++
Crawford, Chuck Ross, William
Delaplane, Stanton Sanborn, Margaret
Dillon, Richard Santos, George
Dittle, Frank Schneider, Bernice Mattos
Douglas, Winona Schneller, Sibyl
Dowd, Margaret Schultz, Vera
Draper, Benjamin Seitz, Marie Weissich
Drexler, Fred Seymour, Elliott
Dreyfus, Helen Seymour, Kent
Egger, E. Laurence (Larry) Sherman, Cornelia Ripley
Elder, Lyn Sherman, Frederick Barreda
Evans, Nora Smith, Girard E.
Evans, Nora Snead, Thomas I.J.
Fenton, Themla Spalding, Virginia Stolte
Ferrario, Charles R. Sterner, Ralph H.
Filippi, Bob Stocking, Gene
Filippi, Marie Moraes Stolte, Frank
Filippi, Walt Strong, Ray 1+2
Finn, John III Switzer, Charlotte Dowd
Fleming, Patricia Johnson Taylor, Ruby M.
Folker, Camille Weissich Terwilliger, Elizabeth
Forbes, John Terzich, Dan
Foster, Edna Thomas, Dorothy
Foster, Gordon Thompson, Joseph S.
Fowler, Carol Donnan Thoney, Clinton L.
Garvie, Florence
Gattini, Pearl Heckman Thran, Bill
Geary, Ida Totheroh, Dan
George, John Uhrig, Jacob
George, Virginia Upham, Janet
Goddard, John Voigts, Jean Ramsey
Goddard, Lorraine Walsh, William
Goheen, George Wegscheider, Jean
Gravander, Valborg (Mama) Weir, Bob
Greyerbiehl, Mary
Hallin, Edward Wellman, Grace Finn
Hamilton, William A. White, Marjorie
Hansen, John Theodore Wilson, Joe
Harker, David Wilson, Marie Brunini
Harris, Thomas H. Wilson, Ruth
Hartman, Rodney B. Wood, George M.
Hartwell, Ben Wyckoff, Lucy Marsh
Hatch, Margaret  
Jenkins, Eleanor (Dolly)