October 2020 First Wednesday Talk: Fire On the Mountain with Mike Swezy

In this timely and salient virtual presentation, Mike Swezy discussed fire throughout the ages and its impact on the environment. Starting at the beginning of time and working his way to the present, Swezy will examine the role of fire and how it has been used in society. Topics covered include how indigenous people of Marin used fire, the wildfires that presently affect us and the role of climate change in wildfire dynamics.

MIKE SWEZY recently retired as the Watershed Manager after a 23-year career with Marin Municipal Water. He has a long and varied career in forestry and fire ecology and has served with organizations including Marin Conservation Corps (now Conservation Corp North Bay), the US Forest Service and FIRESafe Marin. In 2014, he was awarded Marin Conservation League’s (MCL) Green Award for Environmental Leadership for efforts to create the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative. He served on FIRESafe MARIN’s Board of Directors for ten years and now serves on the Boards of the Marin Conservation League and Friends of Corte Madera Creek Watershed.

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