November 2021 First Wednesday Talk – Highway on the Water: Ferryboat Eureka to Marin County before the Golden Gate Bridge, with Christopher Edwards

Highway on the Water:

Ferryboat Eureka before the Golden Gate Bridge, with Christopher Edwards

November 3, 2021      7:00 PM

Built in 1890 in Tiburon, CA by the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad, the Ferryboat Eureka is a legacy of transportation to and from Marin County. Though she ended her operational life in 1957 running to Oakland for Southern Pacific, it was her 51 years (1890-1941) carrying rail cars, commuters, automobiles, and weekend travelers to and from Marin that were her historical mainstay. Join Park Ranger Chris Edwards as he speaks to the life of this vessel, her place in overall ferry service, and how the ship struggled and adapted through time to survive as the museum she is today.

Christopher Edwards is a Ranger for the National Park Service at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. This work involves presenting public programs on the historic ship collection at Hyde St. Pier, including the historic Ferryboat Eureka built in Tiburon, CA in 1890. Previously he worked at Boston National Historical Park at the historic Charlestown Navy Yard, the museum ship USS Cassin Young, and at the Bunker Hill Monument.