September 2019 First Wed. Talk Video – Mill Valley’s Secret Places – A Talk by Phil Rhodes

Phil Rhodes shares natural and historic places that make Mill Valley truly special, such as a still-unpaved road dating back to Gold Rush-era logging, old growth redwoods saved by Samuel Throckmorton, a nearly 200 year old remnant of an engineering marvel, and places where wild hazelnuts and huckleberries grow. He will also talk about the legacy of Mill Valley’s steps, lanes and paths—both official and not—as well as historic streets. In this interactive presentation, the audience will be asked to identify projected images before they are discussed, sharing their knowledge.

A Marin native, Phil Rhodes grew up in seven different homes from one end of “the valley of the Mill” to the other. He did a lot of walking and bicycling which was the way kids got around in those days. An expert researcher, Phil has been a tremendous resource to the Mill Valley Historical Society and other local historians.

Debra Schwartz & Phil Rhodes – Sept 4, 2019